Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water Loss in a Buffalo Grove Facility

When a supply line ruptures, often clean water can rapidly cover the commercial carpets in Buffalo Grove area facilities. SERVPRO has trained technicians always... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Buffalo Grove

Commercial water damaged affected this commercial facilities maintenance area when rain from a terrible storm flooded the parking garage area and found its way ... READ MORE

Conference Building Suffers Water Damage in Buffalo Grove

Large amounts of rainwater that penetrate a building flow by the force of gravity downward and significantly affect structural coverings, supports, and the ceil... READ MORE

Lake Zurich Beauty Salon Needs a Make-Over

After the flood deposited muddy, contaminated water in this Lake Zurich business, immediate water removal can help mitigate damages and get the scheduled appoin... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Buffalo Grove

Commercial water damage occurred at this Buffalo Grove business facility when the roof was breached during a terrible thunderstorm carrying high gusty winds. Po... READ MORE

Lake Zurich Office Gets Wet

The leak resulted in some pooling water on the commercial grade carpet of this Lake Zurich office. SERVPRO understands that just removing the puddles and placin... READ MORE